Welcome to The Loom - Nottingham

Bringing together great tasting cocktails, an eclectic selection of music and mouth-watering dishes inspired by Cajun and Creole cooking of the Deep South of America, The Loom is a live performance venue unlike any other found in Nottingham.

The interior of the beautiful Grade II listed building, located in the heart of the Creative Quarter on High Pavement is a fusion of Pop Art and Chicago Blues bar styling. Displaying the talents of some extremely creative and out of the box thinking individuals, The Loom is an ode to an era gone past of letting your hair down to enjoy the rawness of music, whilst sipping on the simplistic yet refreshingly delicious drinks.

Every weekend, a set of talented musicians take to a purpose built stage to bathe their audiences in sonorous music from a variety of genres. Sporadically, customers may be surprised to be having magic tricks being displayed at their tables or a sudden act of Burlesque breaking on to stage between musical acts to ensure that the lovely visitors to The Loom leave feeling amused, entertained and creating some wonderful and everlasting memories.

The Loom is an ever evolving venue where new pieces of art regularly show up that can be bought on the spot or further inquiries can be made with the artists behind the art. It gives the venue a feeling of being alive and fluid, changing as quickly with the times as people’s taste in music and art does.

The Loom has successfully opened its doors to the people of Nottingham to much applaud and great reviews and it will continue to strive to bring the arts to the door step of Nottingham which a great burst of fanfare and drama.

We look forward to seeing you at The Loom to really see what a set of creative and talented individuals can do when they put their minds and hearts together!